Finally! A medication solution for family caregivers.


What if you could have the PEACE OF MIND that you desire most as a caregiver without struggling with managing and monitoring your loved one's daily medications?

Well now you can!


Total Linked Care!

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Limited Release February 2021.

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Our Passion For  Caring

For Others
Our team has felt the personal

affects of becoming family

caregivers.  Our inspiration to

create As Directed TLC was

based on our desire to provide

Simple, Smart, Secure care

for our loved ones.  

Our Commitment To You
As caregivers, we understand the uncertainty that comes with change.  We are committed to providing World Class client service.  We guarantee it!

Total Linked Care
We have determined that there is an unmet need in the emerging baby boomer market for a 21st Century solution to assisted care. With As Directed TLC, we unlock countless hours, restore emotional energy, and significantly improve the quality of life for millions of caregivers and their loved ones.

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