The response to TLC was overwhelmingly positive, with a demo given every 12 minutes.  Featured in the CES Daily on day 2 and 4, As Directed TLC stood out from the other 4500 vendors exhibiting at the show, generating interest, excitement and enthusiasm.

Tech features such as the ability to serve multiple users, to accommodate all solid medications (including gummies and half pills), and to-the minute programming piqued the interest of industry leaders at Amazon, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Apria Health, and other health related industry professionals. 
“We are 100% focused on bringing TLC to market by early Summer 2019,” stated Carson, “We are confident that TLC is the solution to the overwhelming need for effective medication and wellness management, as witnessed at the 2019 CES Show.”
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As Directed Plus LLC is based on three concepts of care—Simple, Smart, Secure. Understanding the uncertainty that comes with change, The Total Linked Care (TLC) system is an outgrowth of this philosophy, offering a way to easily deliver medications while maintaining the recipient’s independence of remaining at home.

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CES Daily Press Coverage, Day 2

January 17, 2019

Local Inventor and Entrepreneur

Makes Debut at 2019 CES Show

(MODESTO, CA) January 17, 2019 – Tom Carson, Founder and CEO of As Directed Plus LLC, joined thousands of inventors and entrepreneurs from across the globe at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV earlier this month. Showcasing more than 4,500 exhibiting companies, CES is the leading electronics show in the world and hosts over 188,000 industry professionals over 4 days.
Exhibiting in the Health and Wellness Marketplace, As Directed Plus used CES as a launching pad for its As Directed TLC (Total Linked Care) device.  The TLC platform is more than just a pill dispenser. It acts as a smart care assistant designed for the home caregiver and the professional setting alike.
“The CES Show gave us the ideal stage to introduce TLC to health care industry professionals and consumers looking for a simple, smart, secure solution for taking daily medications,” said Carson, “TLC sets itself apart from comparable products with unparalleled, innovative unique features.”

Press Releases

January 8, 2019

As Directed TLC.

Gamble at the Tables, Not with Your Health.


MODESTO, CA, January 8, 2019 -- As Directed Plus, LLC. ( is launching its Technology Enabled Care (TEC) assistant at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. More than just a pill dispenser, As Directed Total Linked Care (TLC) is a TEC assistant for anyone seeking a more convenient way to manage personal health and wellness.

AARP data shows that 117 million Americans will need care assistance by the year 2020.  Additionally, on average, seniors take as many as seven medications per day. Studies indicate that as many as 58% of those seniors (and up to 50% of all people taking medications) fail to take themas directed.  TLC eliminates that gamble and improves the odds for continued health and wellness.


TLC includes a smart medication dispenser, operating system software

and connected service.  Patented (U.S. 8,453,874 & CA 2,578,910)

dose dispensing results in the only device of its kind that can be used by

more than one person. 


"We wanted a better solution to the most dangerous activity performed

in the home daily: taking medications,” stated Tom Carson, CEO of

As Directed Plus LLC, “TLC a simple, smart, secure and convenient way

for the entire family to manage daily medications and to monitor personal health and wellness.”

The patented TLC device manages all forms of medication. It features locked storage for all solid medications with a capacity of one month's worth of doses, up to six times per day. Dose packages contain 1 to 10 pills per dose. TLC eliminates the need for pill bottles while assuring the recipientreceives the right dose at the right time.


Designed to fit into the home environment as a smart appliance, TLC provides an instant, real-time connection between caregiver and recipient. With its onscreen text messaging and voice recording options, it can handle multiple reminder tasks at once, such as prompting recipients to take vital statistics or reminding them to administer important injectables. Preset alarms require each recipient to dispense preloaded dose packages at scheduled times. Each of these is preset by the responsible caregiver using certain response time parameters. After responding to an alarm, recipients receive video and text messages prompting them to open the device drawer and dispense their dose packages. Dosing instructions for the dispensed medications can also be programmed to display at the dispense time.

TLC is equipped with an onboard camera to snap photos in conjunction with pre-programmed alarm schedules, giving the caregiver a visual on the identity and health status of the recipient. Additionally, caregivers can be alerted via text when medications are dispensed and removed on schedule, or if TLC alerts are ignored by the recipient.


As Directed Plus LLC is based on three concepts of care—Simple, Smart, Secure. Understanding the uncertainty that comes with change, The Total Linked Care (TLC) system is a direct outcome of this philosophy, offering a way to easily deliver medications while maintaining the recipient's independence of remaining at home. 

Demo As Directed TLC for yourself at CES 2019 booth #43261 at the Sands Convention Center, Health & Wellness Marketplace. 



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